Neither any gift nor any bonus, or even a promotion would have made me feel that much happy as the few words of recognition that my employer spoke out for me in an official gathering. It was one of my greatest days as a professional, and an employee. I had never felt so much motivated and committed for my organization, and my work than ever before. And, no more than those few words could ever do!

It is a well-known fact that human resources are the driving force for any organization’s success. Well motivated, highly committed, and technically sound staff can shoot up success to peak even with less resource and time. But, how to develop such enthusiastic group of people? This remains a question mostly asked these days.

While many organizations pour more effort, time and resources in recruiting right people for right places, not all organizations equally give emphasis to employee recognition. So, it is very crucial to ask this question: is it just sufficient to hire right people for right places?

Human beings, by instinct, always seek recognition. They always expect their efforts, their creativity, their achievements, and even small contributions they make to any people, work or organization, be acknowledged. However, employee recognition as a major part of staff motivation is often overlooked by most organizations, either be for-profit or not-for-profit. And employee recognition is usually confused with periodic performance appraisal. But, it has to be understood and taken as a different process.

Many big companies, and most of them from business field, have started giving priority to employee recognition and reward activities these days. And these have started showing good results. Staff are found to be more active, more excited, more creative, and more productive. They have been seeing less turn overs, and profits have multiplied.  They have triggered investments in such programs and have seen multiplied profits and benefits. Such programs have even proved to be more helpful these days of growing financial and management constraints when extremely high level of output is expected even from a very little input.

‘Recognition is not always about trinkets and gifts’, a writer writes. If they want cash, give them cash. But, not all staff are motivated by cash. A heart-felt thank you, a  cake baked to suit the palates of the dedicated workers, plaque, certificate, travel trophy, birthday off, an extra day off, or a celebration. It is important that the employer assesses the rewards that is valued by and works for most. But, they need to be timely, sincere and participatory. Rosalind Jeffries writes in ‘Reaping the rewards of recognition’ that even the smallest recognition if truly given with honesty and sincerity has a great impact.  Further, no good recognition program lasts for long. They need to be assessed and reviewed periodically.

A good recognition and reward program takes a strong leadership, a clear strategy, and a value for employee. It is very important that recognition takes a part of organization culture and is aligned with organization’s goal.  Incorporating recognition into your management style may require a concerted effort. And, now-a-days with work branching away from central location, equally important is to maintain a long-distance recognition program to ensure the staff out in the field are valued, not left out, they are not frustrated, their voices and concerns are heard, and their needs are recognized.

If employees are recognized they are more engaged, they do not leave, they enjoy coming to work, and profit and customer satisfaction increases – Anne Marie D. Lee mentions. She also adds – “Life is short. We should all feel fulfilled in what we do and where we work.”


3 thoughts on “No more than those few words could ever do!”

  1. patrick.asinero says:

    I totally agree Mukesh! In life, we only live once so it is a great experience to celebrate and recognize the worth and contribution of each one in a team, every once in a while. Yes, not all are motivated by money. A simple words of “Thank you!”, a card or a piece of cake would mean so much already to an individual.

    …This is very thought of blog, great!

    1. mukesh.hamal says:

      True Patrik, and your blog on thanks giving-a culture to celebrate thanking each of us works well, and this also needs to be incorporated in work culture.

  2. mukesh.hamal says:

    Great Richard! And you are welcome for a nice comment. It does not take more few words to acknowledge someone’s greatness and their expectations. And, the message you have received could be for thanks giving and is related!

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