Tomorrow October 1st, would be our 53rd independence anniversary and a lot of us (Nigerians) would be asking ourselves what really we would be celebrating. Although not all the aspirations of the founding fathers have been met, observers believe that significant progress had been made in 53 years to sustain and ensure that Nigeria remained an indivisible sovereign entity, the country is steadily making progress and gaining global recognition.

“This is not to say that all is glossy, it is a far cry from what we want as a nation, as we must admit that there are still developmental, economic and social challenges which we have to contend with. As we look up to our centenary celebration Analysts, however, have harped on the need for purposeful leadership to consolidate the gains of the country’s existence since the past 53 years.

For us, Nigeria must begin to think seriously on how to reduce its poverty rate, unemployment, dependency on foreign loans; move from a mono-economy to a diversified economy, and must seriously fight the monster “Corruption” that has eaten deep into the nation.

But all said and done, for Nigeria to overcome its current political, economic and security challenges, the leaders at all levels of governance must put the interest of the nation uppermost above their selfish political, sectional, and economic interests. I look forward to a better Nigeria.

“Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria”


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