“True wealth is that which is not in your wallets, but is in your hearts”

Moving words indeed, however more inspiring and motivating they become when spoken by someone who has practically proved them to be true, and that too across the globe. These words were spoken by Leon Logothetis, the first among many amazing speakers sharing their experiences during the opening ceremony of a summit. The session was undoubtedly among the best opening sessions I have experienced attending. Speakers were young global champions of change with focused efforts towards transforming lives around the world, converting dreams into realities, reforming hatred into love, turning war into peace and much more. These are just a few examples of the sheer brilliance shared during the two hour opening session of the 5th Annual Nexus Global Youth Summit. A truly perfect build up to an amazing.

A global network of over two thousand young social entrepreneurs and investors belonging from more than seventy countries, Nexus has generated a global movement that’s inspiring social change through innovative ideas sharing, promotion of impact investment, and enhancing philanthropy.

Nexus held its 5th Annual Global Youth Summit on July 22 and 23 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Being part of the prestigious Atlas Corps fellowship enabled me to attend this summit of incredible people from across the globe.

Plenary Sessions of the Nexus Global Youth Sumit 2015 at U.N Headquarters, NYC

Plenary Sessions of the Nexus Global Youth Sumit 2015 at U.N Headquarters, NYC

As a member of the Atlas Corps contingent great value was added to the experience. The contingent led by the inspirational CEO of Atlas Corps Scott Beale comprised of current fellows and alumni (selected through a competitive process), was mandated to assist the Nexus team in coordinating the breakout sessions as room ambassadors and floor captains.

Being a room ambassador during the breakout sessions of the summit was particularly interesting as it provided an opportunity to interact with globally renowned experts on entrepreneurship and nonprofit management, while moderating the question and answers during the sessions enhanced the understanding of some pertinent global issues as well as initiatives focusing on emerging concepts. The participants were indeed amazing individuals from all across the world, with wealth of experiences that were shared, discussed and debated during the sessions.

The plenaries on both days of the summit were a continuation of the brilliant opening ceremony. The summit provided diversity of concepts, demonstrated simplification of complex issues, and proved that being resolute towards your cause will changes your destiny.

Professional development and networking are usually the part of learnings at such conferences, however it’s rare that you get an opportunity to meet and interact with renowned international celebrities. Nexus summit even offered this opportunity.  A few of the celebrities the fellows enjoyed talking to included Mohimbo (Swedish-Congolese Singer), Gabriel Isler (Miss Universe, 2013), Meryl Davis (World Number One Ice Skater and Olympic Gold Medalist). Moreover towards the end, the Nexus “Sets Sail” Party was a refreshing opportunity to unwind and sail along Manhattan with the summit delegates outside the usual conference setting.

With Gabriel Isler Miss Universe 2013 at the Nexus Global Youth Summit 2015.

With Gabriel Isler Miss Universe 2013 at the Nexus Global Youth Summit 2015.

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