The first thing I should tell about NEXUS is that I was giving myself a very new opportunity to experience being in the technical team for NEXUS. Never had I ever been in the Audio Visual technical team and worked to prepare the presentation PowerPoint deck before and during the summit and ensure the event/presentation was on time. Although I was mostly stuck in the tech team, we managed to attend breakout sessions. Thanks to amazing team leader Cal for that. Working with Cal, was an amazing experience.

I enjoyed the Networking Lunch session where they divided people into groups and asked them to exchange support for each other. Intergenerational communication session was interesting and participatory. I enjoyed the entire session and learned about the importance of having strong skills while doing intergenerational communication.

NEXUS brought amazing people in one place who were doers, they didn’t listen to excuses and they knew they were going to have obstacles on the way, but they made it. I was moved by Dr. Linda’s story of how her daring and good motive made her successful in treating the Ebola. I was moved by Johan’s story on how he made the world tour, climbed the Mt. Everest and helped to clean it and is helping to build schools in Khumbu Valley of Nepal.

At NEXUS, I also had a chance to work closely with other Atlas fellows which was important to me. It was great knowing them and about their work too. When we are placed in the host organizations, we hardly get time to meet them in person except for events like this. So, NEXUS was an opportunity to know them better and learn from each other.

The most important thing for me was meeting the Founder and CEO of WorldPulse, Jensine. It had been 9 years connecting to her and I was overwhelmed to meet her at NEXUS.

The fun thing about the NEXUS was to get freebies. I also enjoyed the acupuncture service which was provided in the exhibition area. Overall, it was a great platform and I really wish to participate one more time because one time is not enough for NEXUS. Thank you so much Atlas team for this great-great opportunity.

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