That moment when you realize that you have no one beside you!!! Left alone! Your Family is absent, Friends are gone, truths become lies, friends become foes, reality becomes blurry, smiles turned upside down, trust is nonexistent, confidence slightly shattered …

Who are you? What is happiness? Where did you go wrong? How and when did the script change? Did the script change?

Hope is alive! Your are not alone, You are with your self. “There is nothing wrong with being alone, as long as you love the person you are alone with”.

Confidence rebuilt with stronger barriers. Moving forward!!!

Friends are gone! (Next Step), family absent (Next Step), reality becomes clear (Next Step), you call, i call, we talk, we laugh, we share, You Matter ( moving forward).

“Thank you for being awesome”

No one cares! I care! I use to care!

Love your personality and you will never be a lone..

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