As I prepare to graduate from the fellowship, I have been working on my capstone project which has been getting me to think more deeply about the past year. While thinking and considering, I started to ponder what I would like to improve on and change in the future. With the new year looming, I figured a couple of resolutions might be in order.

To be honest, I’ve never been too bothered to make new year’s resolutions. I’ve kind of made some off handedly in the past, but only because it seemed like I should and I was very non-commital. This year I would like to write and share my resolutions down here, so that I feel more ownership over them. I plan to actually follow through.

Here are a couple of resolutions:

1) Start writing thoughts, taking notes and copying quotes from books, TV, etc., as a way to document and have a central depository of the information I take in. I got this idea from Ryan Holliday, a blogger and author. I’ve always found I forget most of what I’ve read or watched. I feel like this resolution can help minimize the amount I forget.


2) Take some basic programming courses (maybe via Code Academy) to build a basic base in a skill I believe will come in handy throughout life. Based on the way the world seems to be running, it would seem that at least some programming skills would be greatly  handy. No better time to start than now!

So, those are my two resolutions.  I invite all of you to keep tabs on me and make sure I am keeping them next year. I’d like to hear your resolutions too, so write them as comments!:)

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