Wonder Bread Factory

Finally, my host organization YFU (Youth For Understanding) moved from the forest Bethesda to the historic Wonder Bread Factory in DC. I like the new space not only because I can sleep at least one more hour every day, but also it is a very cool space transformed from an old bread factory whilst kept the factory taste.

YFU rented two floors of the Factory- one for offices, the other basement for education trainer. The offices on the 2nd floor were subleased to several organizations such as Gay Men’s Chorus, Global Kids, American Board, etc. And most importantly, Atlas Corps!

Moving and settling down are not always easy, while I’m lucky to witness how FYU made the whole process in a professional and organized way:

-Before the move, a professional moving service company called JK Moving was hired to help us pack and move. There was even an orientation provided by JK moving on how to pack and label, which made everyone on the same page and the whole process much more efficient.

-On the pack day, every staff not only did a very quick job on packing their own stuff, but also helped one another and the public area to be packed, like a big family.

-After unpack in the new office, a guild booklet which include the information of new space community, use of different rooms, cleaning service, local parking, history of the neighborhood, even where to eat was distributed to all staff; an excel sheet was set up to collect staff’s inquires; and two emails updating new space setting up process and feedback to inquires are sent to all staff every day.

-What’s more, an open house event for YFU staff and friends before the move, an alumni panel and a fundraising gala for YFU network after the move were organized.

Now with everything seems settle down, DC feels more like home now.

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