By now most of you may know, my deeply rooted passion for mental health and for enriching my knowledge in this area I go for monthly supplementary learning sessions on various aspects of mental health. This month was a session on Toxic Science of Neurobiology. A big jargon for me, I thought I knew nothing about this topic and hence I must attend it. Even though most of the session was on basics of Neurobiology, most of it went over head.  There was something’s fascinating of the biology of the brain and it’s working and encouraged me to continue my exploration on the same.

Neurobiology as the name suggest is the scientific study of the brain and the nervous system, it is an interdisciplinary field that collaborate more than 10 fields to understand the functioning of the brains and nervous system. Now, this is fascinating: the working of the human brain!

The studies on the nervous system dates back to the ancient Egypt with indications on drilling into the skull, to cure mental health disorders. The current numerous ongoing studies aim to understand the causes and effects of illness on the Brian and the nervous system. These studies look at possibilities of reversing the effects of the illness. Some of the current studies now have identified the process used to detect the possibility of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in prospective patients and precaution’s that can be taken to delay the onset and prepare the patient and families or how Parkinson’s spreads or how the nerves communicate. (Did I tell you how awesome it to just read about this stuff!)

Most of us do not realize the role of the network these nerves, unless you are a medical student or a doctor (actually I am not sure if all medical students also understand the same, maybe the ones taking it up as a specialty). Our Brain is wired to produce change as it lives. Changes in the brain involves learning and all learning’s generate change in the brain, so if this theory is true then our brain never stops changing all our lives as we are learning something new every single day, be it small or big.


Neuron development with different stages in life

Neuron development with different stages in life

This brings me back to Toxic Thinking patterns and impact on humans. This is what I have understood that habitual thinking patterns that cause intense feelings of fear, anger, shame or guilt are not only toxic in nature but are also addictive, meaning that these are the feeling that stick to us the longest and are repetitive in nature. Toxic thinking is compulsive in nature and these feelings can be overwhelming and cause a loss in the bodies energy supply.  However if you have notice that for most of us these phases do not last long and we are able to break the cycle and come out, whenever there are these low thoughts our protective fighting forces kick in subconsciously and protect us from these triggers helping us come out of the gloomy state. Imagine what would happen to us if we were trapped in these toxic thoughts, we would for sure be diagnosed with mental illness in future.

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