I belong to Peshawar, which is (if I may) the liveliest city of Pakistan. It is the heart of the North western (Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa) province. The city lies at the edge of the Historic Khyber pass. The city is well known for its historic and cultural values.

Peshawar derives its name from a Sanskrit word “Pushpapura” meaning the city of flowers. Peshawar’s flowers were mentioned even in Moghal Emperor Babur’s memoirs.

We are known as the Pathans – a completely male-dominated society (slowly changing). North and south of Peshawar spreads the vast tribal area where lives the biggest tribal society in the world, and the most well known, though much misrepresented.

Pathans are faithful Muslims. Their typical martial and religious character has been moulded by their heroes, like Khushal Khan Khattak, the warrior poet and Rehman Baba, a preacher and also a poet of Pushto language.

Peshawar city has a long and ancient history. In Peshawar city you will find a lot of historic places and buildings. Peshawar is the largest city of Khyber Pakhunkhwa, the Pashto language is most spoken language in Peshawar and there are many other nations also live in Peshawar, who speak Hindko, Punjabi, Balochi and other Pakistani local languages.

I had been homesick for a while and a visit home felt like the best thing to do and so I took out Google Flights, found the cheapest flight tickets available (Saudia Airliens~one of the bestest flights ever) and sat I did! I only had 9 days to visit, so 4 days were spent in attending my brother in law’s wedding and the remaining in my native village, Karak. Incidentally, I found out there is a Karak in Jordan as well. How we are all so different yet something always joins us together.

Right now, my mind is a kaleidoscope of thoughts because since the last two days, Pakistan and India have been at each other’s necks over the Line of Control between the two countries. I have friends in India and I am sure Indians have Pakistani friends. War is not something played out of egos. War kills on both sides and innocent lives are lost, the irreparable damage which will take us all to a point of no return.

Please Google Pakistan, Google Peshawar, Google India, search our histories and pray for both the countries, pray for peace!