Okay, I am here again with yet another blog and yet another rant :/

My fellow fellows! I don’t know how you do it, how you can do it or how you even manage to. I have tried and I had my 101 with me and it was all working fine but then the night comes…

I have a problem when it comes to binging! It’s not a problem as much as it’s an addiction.. the only reason I’m writing this now is the fact that I need to get my mind off of the box of Pringles lying in front of me – so I find myself in front of another screen…I digress.. just for a little backdrop: I’m quite good about monitoring my eating habits: yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, something okay-ish for dinner, fit in a will timed run. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not difficult. my problem only comes alive after i’ve showered and brushed my teeth and it’s late at night.. waiting there staring at me right in my face.. hidden behind the packet of Lays on the table or that pack of chocolate chip cookies I hid in the closet because I did not want to eat it and get fat, the packaging taunts and taunts me.. before i know it, I’m about to destroy the hinges, and peeling back wrappers shoving one two three four sometimes five pieces of cookies or chocolates in my mouth.. in each hand i carry two sometimes three pieces.. and then in a dramatization reminiscent of the ogre under the bridge, I grunt and grunt to myself.

Dear reader, I am what you’d call a mogwai.. you should not feed me after midnight (solid rule people, solid rule), otherwise I’d turn into a gremlin.. in my case, I turn into a snack monster of epic proportions… Why I wait till the evening, I have no idea.. but there are a few treats that I am unable to resist.. once placed in my surroundings, I cannot conceive of going through my day without inspecting and sampling the finest in my humble abode…

For your reading pleasure, I have compiled a few of these treats that I cannot go without… feel free to comment on agreements, disagreements, or your own personal candied de rigueur.


Have you tried all of them?! When I was a kid, they had this ad that said “once you pop, you cannot stop” and it referred to the sound it made when you opened the lid first and it stuck with me!! Because once I start with my box, I just keep on going :/


My HO is in the habit of transferring chocolates, macaroons, and cupcakes (probably because we’re in Georgetown) and I have a habit of bringing them home with me and then binge while I watch my favorite dramas and ahh, the relief and yikes, the guilt!

French Fries!

No matter what you’re going through, french fries work for all seasons, at all times for all kinds of people and I have my freezer full of those ready to fry potato chips :/


Did someone just say Doritos?!! Yayyyyyyyyy!! Lalalalalalaalal!!! Yayyyyyy! *dances wildly* any time of any day of any season of forever!!

Enjoy people, enjoy!!