I envision a world where opportunities for personal growth and development are available for every member of the community, most especially the vulnerable groups, i.e. women, children, youth, physically challenged. The members of the community can access education, and everyone will have the chance to maximize their fullest potential and participation. In this world, I am a key player in the lifelong education and development of community members. I manage and provide capacity building for community members and help them develop a sustainable action plan towards recognizing their fullest potential and eventually contributing to their community. In this world, I work with community members, leaders and other stakeholders who would believe in the spirit of education and development in a self-sustained organization that uphold transparency, accountability, rules of law, active participation and the common good, and will put the dignity of every human being at the heart of our work.

I envision a life that permits me to travel and see other places. I travel and visit the friends from others countries, that I have gained in my past endeavors. I get to take amazing sunrise and sunset photos, visit all the museums that there is in the world, attend all art exhibits and see how beautiful the world is.