When I had of the Paris attack my heart felt with pain and confusion, I asked myself this question IS THE WORLD GOING CRAZY OR IT’S THE EVILNESS OF THE PEOPLE and I know many of you have  asked yourselves this question several times.

The only way I can identify these incidents, is by politicizing them, as “hunger for power and superior identification” not remembering the ones who suffer due to this greed is the innocent people who even don’t know what is happening.

This is not Muslims against Christians the way most of us see it, this is about power, politics, revenge, anger, greed and superiority. The attack that happened in Paris has happened across the whole world and all of them have common aspects.

The ISIS attack in Paris is similarly to the other attacks such as, one that happened in Uganda on July 2010 by the Al shabaab where 74 left dead and 70 injured in the attack that started at a football stadium, where people have gathered to watch the FIFA world cup final match, than to the bars and clubs.

The Islamist terror group al-Shabaab as they call themselves, has also attacked Kenya killing 48 people on the 15 June 2014 in Mpeketoni about 30 miles southwest. And On 2 April 2015, Garissa University College in Garissa, 147 innocent young people massacred, among other attacks.

Looking at Paris attacks, My fear goes to the innocent Refugees that will be condemned for the attacks and the religious racism that will heavily grow among the people. but as for my point of view,   these attacks comes due to interference, people don’t like to be interfered with, and people don’t like to be told what to do.

If we stop interfering and telling others how to do things, maybe, maybe than the world will be a better place and will avoid the killings of the innocents.


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