…is not only constant and unexpected change of weather, it’s not only cheering this or that basketball team, and even not only the Women’s International Day with postcards and flowers but mostly same daily routine with meetings, happy hours, talks, visits, discussions and work, work, work.

Every day we all share our knowledge, skills, work experience, and also learn from the others. On daily basis it doesn’t need special preparation but when one is asked to speak about the work experience in an academic environment it is so obligatory and requires so much professionalism.

In spite of the fact that I couldn’t even remember when was the last time that I had a meeting with students and discussed with them international projects, approaches, working with young people, etc. I decided to accept the invitation and together with HasNa colleagues meet the students of the American University.

It was completely new experience for me, mostly because the class was made up of a special group of students from all over the United States who are attending American University in the Washington Semester program. Their program also involves travel throughout the Middle East and North Africa region to see first hand the things they have studied, which is why the students were very interested in HasNa’s presentation, and in questioning the very concepts of peacebuilding and development work in conflict areas. In addition to discussing HasNa activities, methods of work and building bridges between common people from Turkey, Armenia and Cyprus, the students were also interested in questions like where from and how the new project ideas come, how we involve new organizations and people and how we keep contacts with our project alumni.

After almost two hours spent together the students and HasNa staff engaged in a compelling discussion over these topics and the class ended on a very positive note, with several students expressing interest in volunteering with HasNa and helping with future events to take place in April, May and even over this summer.

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