Hi, this is my last blog I want to say my five facts, the first thing I learned arriving to DC, I am Wilson Saavedra, an Atlas Corps Fellow Class 17 from Bolivia serving at Heartland Alliance International in Chicago, my social issue is Social Entrepreneurship and my fun fact is that I run next to the lake but I get fatter every year. It has been one year and my fellowship finished.

During this year, I worked in an amazing organization, HAI has 41 different programs, 48 program sites and 16 field offices where we implement high-quality, trauma-informed, evidence-based mental health programs. Also, Access to Justice programs that ensure those who have been marginalized have access to quality, equitable legal services such as Statelessness in the Dominican Republic and Syrian refugees in Lebanon just to mention two.

I would like to share one of the posters that represent and define the mission of Heartland Alliance: Ending Poverty.


We have to come together and to overcome all the challenges in this world, our ultimal goal is to end poverty. During this year, I really grew up professionally and personally, I learned a lot operational challenges, I learned how to work with areas as crisis in Iraq, or with lack of infrastucture as Nigeria or Congo without access to internet, and other poverty countries in Latin America with indegenous people in Colombia. I grew up personally, I made a lot friends in Chicago, I think the city is very welcoming to international people, it is very cold but the summer is very nice. From the Atlas Corps community, I met more than 100 fellows from more than 30 countries, I understood from so many perspectives and cultures. Being an Atlas Corps Fellow is like traveling around the world without having a flight ticket.

I am coming back to my country to work in food and energy projects in economic development, the industries that my country needs support. I will bring all my expertise, networking to support the core industries of my country. I just can end saying: this year has been one of the best years of my life.


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