The story continues… (Episode 5 of 6)

MY FRIEND FIGARO is a single story which I have partitioned into six episodes which I plan to post daily with each episode flowing into the next. For maximum understanding, you have to follow the unfolding story daily for the number of days it will run.

Feel free to share the episodes but don’t modify in any way without permission.



Alas, his strength failed him as his assailants came heavily upon him with all the weapons they had. While he was still struggling to break through the familiar point through which we got into the house, the entire hostiles team fell upon him with the first fly-swatter, followed by the other dangerous and harmful pieces of equipment they were armed with. I couldn’t watch it anymore. I couldn’t bear to see my friend Figaro turned into a mash of fly mess. I have not been able to erase the look of intense horror on Figaro’s face when he knew his end had come before that deadly fly-swatter smashed the life out of him against the transparent wall. 

I still see Figaro’s last look in my sleep, when eating and when at work. The look of horror on a fly who felt he had it all under control, thus refusing to change his strategy when occasion demanded.

I have since taken it as my burden to share the story of my friend Figaro’s death and the lessons I have since learned from it. Figaro, my friend, spurned change, and he “got served” for it.

Heraclitus once said, “Change is the fundamental nature of reality.” When you despise change, you may not live to tell the story. Figaro figured this out eventually at death. Flies know and hold this principle to be true. Another human named Charles Darwin also made a profound statement that I love so much in line with change; he said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives or the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” I can tell you from a fly’s standpoint that change is about survival.

Figaro thought he knew this, but he didn’t quite get the full import of the survival part.

To be concluded in Episode 6 of 6.


Written by Ikenna Anyadike.