The story continues… (Episode 4 of 6)

MY FRIEND FIGARO is a single story which I have partitioned into six episodes which I plan to post daily with each episode flowing into the next. For maximum understanding, you have to follow the unfolding story daily for the number of days it will run.

Feel free to share the episodes but don’t modify in any way without permission.



I got to the secondary escape point in record time, a record that surprised me greatly nonetheless. On getting there, I squeezed through the tiny crack as the heavy thud of my assailant’s fly-swatter missed me by a hair’s breadth.  At last I was free of the danger, away from the mean hostiles in the ‘awful’ house.

After a while, I remembered that Figaro was still inside the house with the entire mob of hostiles determined not to let him escape. I flew close to the big transparent wall, (I think humans call it window), took a look and what I saw sent chills down my spine, (not that I have a spine anyway, I’m just talking). Figaro had the entire company of hostiles close at his heels, determined to splatter him to pieces. He knew his assailants were not in any way letting him off without at least hurting him. I guess he knew that that situation wasn’t like any other he had previously been in. For him, it was ‘fly or die’, and he perfectly understood that. He did all the flight maneuvers he knew, pulled all the stunts he could pull in his attempt to shake off the hostiles, but they weren’t letting him out of their sight.

Their indignation I think was borne out of the annoyance that by reason of our activity on the pie, it had become inedible and virtually harmful for human consumption. The truth is, they were actually right in their annoyance because whatever we flies perch on, especially food, it gets infested with germs that cause quite a number of diseases to humans. I feel I owe it to Figaro to come clean with the truth as he would have wanted me to. However, I don’t feel remorseful about this though. We flies have to eat as well for the ecosystem to be maintained (That is by the way).

Anyway, I stood outside watching the drama unfolding inside the house with horror. I knew Figaro was in for it this time as I didn’t see any way he could escaped. While watching, I noticed that Figaro’s efforts at escaping focused only on looking for a way to fly through our primary point of entrance, i.e. the point I told you earlier was sealed off by the hostiles. Honestly, I didn’t understand what he was thinking. I signaled to him quickly to find the secondary escape point through which I had earlier escaped. But Figaro wasn’t one to listen to advice, as he persistently kept pushing against the entry point that wouldn’t budge. He kept throwing himself at it, kept hitting against it with no result. I frantically signaled to him again that what he was doing was an exercise in futility, and that the only escape route available to him was the alternative one which he needed to get to inorder to survive the horror he was in. I guess Figaro felt he had it all under control even in the face of that danger. He was determined to break through the entry point that wouldn’t budge, and by doing so neglecting the secondary escape point which would have let him out to safety.

To be continued in Episode 5 of 6.


Written by Ikenna Anyadike.