The story continues… (Episode 3 of 6)

MY FRIEND FIGARO is a single story which I have partitioned into six episodes which I plan to post daily with each episode flowing into the next. For maximum understanding, you have to follow the unfolding story daily for the number of days it will run.

Feel free to share the episodes but don’t modify in any way without permission.



(Back to the tale) We found our entry point in no time at all, and got into the house as cautiously as we could through the massive hall where the human occupants were all gathered. From there, we made our way to the primary target zone where the delicious aroma was coming from. By the time we got there, all my fly instincts were let down and replaced with a massive craving for the source of the alluring aroma. I glanced sideways at Figaro and noticed the sublime joy on his face. I chuckled to myself as we headed to the source of the aroma guided by our fly-senses, and multi-dimensional compound eyes. The source was a steaming pan of freshly made pie with an aroma that could make any fly go “buzzy”, (a term that describes when a fly goes crazy, as humans put it). Here we were finally, staring at this freshly made hot and sizzling pan of pie, spiced and ready to go. Instantly, my proboscis mechanism activated automatically having been primed earlier for maximum efficiency.

Figaro and I landed on the pie and immediately took our respective positions, engaged our proboscis, and went to work, taking in as much as we could. We weren’t been there long before we suddenly heard a piercing shriek. When I heard it, I directed my multidimensional compound eyes towards the shriek, while lifting into the air which was the safest place to be. What I saw frightened me thoroughly. The entire family for some reason had chanced upon us, and they had all kinds of equipments designed to hurt flies. My friend Figaro having relaxed his guards a little too much wasn’t as quick to lift off the food as I was.

His fatal mistake was his erroneous assumption that he had everything covered. This cocky assumption had finally got him in trouble. Anyway, I made my way toward the primary entry point only to discover that the hostiles had sealed it off. Instinctively, I made for the secondary escape route which I had earlier discovered during the reconnoiter flight sequence. My adrenalin level was at an all time high as I made for my only means of escape from the horrible situation we had ‘walked’ into. I heard Figaro call out to me but my fly senses were on self-preservation mode, I wasn’t going to get caught neither was I going to die out there on an adventure I embarked on against my sense of better judgment. In that moment, I remembered my heap of unfinished compost and regretted tagging along with Figaro on his deadly adventure.

To be continued in Episode 4 of 6.


Written by Ikenna Anyadike.