I arrived in the US on the 6th of July, exhausted from a long journey full of an emotional rollercoaster as well.

I was one of the last passengers on that flight to leave the airport after checking due to a mistake done at Addis Ababa airport where they didn’t check my passport. I was frustrated and tired till I saw Atlas Corps sign and I felt I arrived.

The hostel was a good experience for me where I met nice people from different parts of the world visiting the USA and other USA citizens visiting DC for business.

The orientation week was interesting, while I struggled to understand the transportation system and the geography between the hostel and Atlas office I enjoyed the kind encounters with everyone I kept asking for directions.

In San Francisco, I discovered that I’m not technologically or geography challenged as I managed to go to my host organization office on my own without getting lost, it was a proud moment for me.

The 1st week in my host organization was set for orientation. I got to learn about human center design, about the incredible work they are doing.

To conclude my 1st impression about the US changed 180 degrees just after 2 weeks from my stay in the US. I learned also its never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.