The thought of moving to the US was overwhelming as well as really exciting! I had heard a lot about culture shock and was very apprehensive about how I would experience and deal with it. However, the Atlas Corps staff, my Local Ambassador, fellow Fellows, housemates, and friends in DC have made this move very easy and smooth for me.

Here is how I spent my first month along with my Fellowship responsibilities and getting to know and exploring not only the city but also learning a lot more about myself and the things I enjoy doing:
● I started enjoying to cook after I moved to DC (something I had never done before)
● Disney on Ice was a magnificent experience! And an opportunity to meet some fellow Fellows 🙂
● I LOVED my visit to the zoo and seeing pandas for real!!
● I volunteered with Homes Not Borders in setting up a house for an immigrant family.
● I learned I enjoy grocery shopping after all and have spent hours in the supermarket just fascinated by the different kinds of products available.
● I have enjoyed a few warm days with long walks, some pizza, and bubble tea!
● I am fascinated and in awe of the public libraries and how easily accessible they are.
● I had an opportunity to attend Elevate, a virtual conference for social sector leaders. It was a rewarding experience where I met non-profit leaders from across the world and heard from many experienced professionals from the social sector.

My first month has been very exciting and fulfilling and I look forward to the rest of the year and the opportunities that lie ahead!

Hero image by Apsara