Holding a professional license as a Certified Public Accountant was a great accomplishment for me, but I felt a missing gap in my community where small businesses lack basics skills in financial literacy. I thought the only way to make this certificate meaningful was to help entrepreneurs uncover weaknesses of lack of knowledge in financial literacy.

I was constantly looking for ideas and opportunities to leverage my financial skills, I remember researching how financial leaders create social impact, and promote innovation through financial inclusion….my Atlas Corps Fellowship journey started, I stumbled against a page “To address critical social issues, Atlas Corps develops leaders, strengthens organizations and promote innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled professionals” this mission resonated with my values of creating an environment where entrepreneurs can acquire tools and frameworks to enhance business value proposition and drive financial performance. I started my application and after a few months, I was among the 20 fellows selected for Atlas Corps Fellowship class 36 July, 05th 2019, I was thrilled!!!

Atlas Corps engages leaders committed to the nonprofit sector professional fellowships at organizations to learn best practices, build organizational capacity, and return home to create a network of global change-makers, I received an offer to work with Kiva Organization a financial institution in California, San Francisco  training and working with experts in the nonprofit and social change sector, gaining an in-depth knowledge of the U.S nonprofit sector, identify and assess a wide range of organizations, from nonprofits to social enterprises, that operate in areas of impact, my feelings were a mixture of excitement, enjoyment, and pride, I was deeply honored to be working with an Organization that promote financial inclusion and support social enterprises by providing small loans and enhance productivity and accelerate the expansion of small businesses

Catalyzing change for a better future

I believe financial inclusion is one of the best tools to rid poverty and promote global prosperity, creating awareness about opportunities and socioeconomic activities with the vision of encouraging and enlightening marginalized communities. My parents always say to whom much is given much is required, this fellowship has given me an opportunity to gain in-depth skills on how to train people to understand the process of generating new business ideas, and knowledge on how innovation practice brings experience to help entrepreneurs develop effectively entrepreneurship ecosystems.

“Social change-maker”

I believe that a fulfilling life begins with seeking experiences out of your comfort zone, an experience that challenge you, broaden your horizon and steer you in new directions.  I am deeply proud and honored to be a part of the Atlas Corps Fellowship community and I am looking forward to expanding my career trajectory at the same time enjoy this fantastic experience!!!