Experience/ Activity

Etesen(How are you)?

I visited Ghana on the first week of September and that was also my first African country to visit. Visiting Africa was on my list from a long time. Thanks to my host organization that they sent me to Ghana for an assignment. As beautiful experience as I had with my friends from Africa, Ghana reflected the same beauty of friendliness, joy and the good sides of Africa which I hardly saw on the televisions when I was growing up.

I attended the African Green Revolution Forum(AGRF) in Accra which had more than 2500 participants from more than 50 countries. I met so many influential young people in agriculture. They are breaking the taboos, the mindset of the people who think that agriculture is only for those who don’t have nice jobs. I met a 23-year-old girl who has employed 4 young people in her company (they are also in their 20s). She has a farm producing crickets to feed animals so that they have good protein in their bodies. She also collects garbage from her communities and use them to maintain her crickets farm.

I was overwhelmed listening to all these young agri-preneurs that I met during the AGRF. I also met the youth mappers who were amazingly energetic, passionate about their volunteer work and how they are using the mapping skills to use it for their local communities. One of them wants to become the farmer but since he doesn’t have any land, he started doing sunflower farming in the plastic bottles (how smart are they?). He coordinates with a local organization to sell it to the market and maintain his farm.

These are just 2 of the stories out of 100 more I learned at AGRF. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to know more about youth in agriculture or youth in general.

But I do not want to conclude my writing without mentioning how delicious the food was. I enjoyed eating fufu(I ate in Cape Castle), Jollof rice(I ate it everyday), Tilapia(I hardly talked to my friend when I was eating it as it was out of this world)….yummmmmm and thanks to my fellow fellow from Ghana- Elijah for giving all pre-information for my Ghana trip. See that’s how we connect globally, we are global family.