As Atlas Corps continues to support social change leaders across the globe, allowing fellows to attend international events is core to the organisation. I was personally blessed to be part of the 2019, Nexus USA summit in Washington, District of Columbia. This was an opportunity to learn, serve and share my story.

Meanwhile, the task came with an opportunity to experience the actual tech work that happens behind the scenes in such international gatherings. The amazing tech staff at the United States Institute of Peace made it easy for us to do our role, I believe this experience was worth my time. The role also involved being a time a keeper, this was not easy to me because I had to chime at a point a speaker was making an important point, ringing that bell was the hardest part for me.

I loved the sessions because of the nature of speakers that were invited. From young people using technology to reduce hate speech to giant companies like Google using satellite technology to support life on earth. I was able to make relevant connections and share my story of transformation in tech.

Finally, I will end this by saying that if you are looking for the right connections and inspiration, then Nexus is here for you.

I want to thank my supervisor from the Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions for always supporting me whenever I need to attend such events.

Joshua Eyaru, Atlas Corps fellow from Uganda,
Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions

Work in progress in the AV room of the United States Institute of Peace
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