With less than a month to prepare i found out that i was selected as a class 9 fellow for the Atlas Corps Fellowship programme and boy was i excited. The preparation process seemed though hard and difficult was filled with fun and excitement as i couldn’t wait to become a member of this prestigious programme and network.

June 6, 2012 was a day in history i will never forget as it was day i met five incredible young passionate brave leaders who all became very close life long friends of mine, it was also the first day of a orientation week and the first day i could officially call my self an Atlas Corps Fellow!
Orientation was packed with informative and interactive sessions focusing on topics such as transition management, understanding american culture, budgeting, introduction to US Tax system and of course the FABULOUS country presentations. Despite being a “little lost” and late on the first day orientation week was a blast. A week filled with lots of laughter, fun, friendships and of course a little shopping to balance things off.

Unfortunately all good things most come to and end and that it did, orientation was over and it was time to fly to San Francisco to meet my Out and Equal family. On my day of departure i had missed my flight due to negligence on the airline and ended up with a new flight which had a stopover in Houston. Despite my obvious anger an frustration i was later calmed and setlled by my new supervisor Nancy Mace who instructed me to stay calm and all is well (Fabulous women that Nancy).

Upon finally arriving to San Francisco i was greeted by Nancy at the Airport and given a grand tour of the city that is San Francisco and boy let me tell me it was/is lovely, COLD and hilly but very lovely and diverse!

On my first day of work i boldly stepped into a bus without even asking someone if it was the right bus and of course got lost on my way to work, but this wasn’t your ordinary lost in an unknown neighbourhood, i was lost in CHINATOWN!

Again Nancy was quick to assist and i found my way to my office within Five minutes to technically i wasn’t that lost just a little off path. My first day on the job was awesome and this has continued until the final day of the month. My coworkers are a set of great, passionate individuals who all wish to change the scope of the working environment for LGBT persons.

In retrospect i must say my first month as an Atlas Corps Fellow has been filled with adventure, fun and friendships.

One Love

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