I had just started my fellowship when I saw a mail requesting for fellows to apply to for the 2019 NEXUS Summit taking place from March 6 – 8, 2019 at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC. I knew it would be an opportunity to learn and connect with the various social entrepreneurs, impact investors and philanthropists who would be at the summit. I applied to volunteer as Social Media Lead for the event as that was a requirement for participation. I was glad to be selected for that position.


Serving as the Social Media Lead gave me the opportunity to listen attentively to all the speakers at each plenary session in order to develop content for our social media posts. The job placed me in a position to gain maximally from each session. Every word spoken inspired courage within me to daily face the world without fear and keep impacting it positively. It was great working with an amazing team comprising of Frank, Lawrence (Social Media Strategists) and Teri (photographer). They made the work fun.

L-R: Frank and Lawrence (Social Media Strategists)
With Teri (Photographer)

I would like to appreciate Atlas Corps for the opportunity to be part of the summit. Their partnership with NEXUS has created opportunities for fellows to participate and learn at a global scale.

I will leave you with some of the amazing contents we developed for the summit. They are great quotes from the speakers that will inspire you.

“Solutions don’t have to be super complicated. Sometimes you just have to find someone who would stand in the gap to facilitate participation.”  – John Kluge, Founder and Managing Partner, Refugee Investment Network.

“We shouldn’t be afraid to join the table of social impact because we are beginners. But, when we join as beginners, we should learn to listen, be authentic and contribute our part.” – Andrea Lee-Zucker, Washington DC City Ambassador, NEXUS.

“Everyone has unique abilities and opportunities to play a role in the social impact space. You need to take the courage, collaborate and get engaged.” – Jim Sorenson, Founder, Sorensen Impact Foundation.

“If you are in a position where you desire to positively change the law, believe that it is possible, step out and get involved.” – Jacqueline Boltik, Co-Founder and CEO, Yellow Brim.

“There is so much worry about taking risks than there is supposed to be about making impacts.” – Mike Brady, President and CEO, Greyston.

L-R: Abir, Nilima and Agang
L-R: Meenaskshi and Joshua