Following the second revolution evolvement in Egypt, as a Sudanese, it is hard, so hard for me to feel anything but disgust towards Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

MB has been ruling Sudan for the last 24 years. And by all measures, this period considered to be the worst era of Sudan throughout its history. Country’s split, starvations, endless wars, human rights abuses, brain drain…etc, to count a few.

Unlike Sudan, MB in Egypt played by the rules; they worked so hard to win the parliament elections while their secular opponents were asleep.

As for the presidential elections, I think seculars made a huge mistake by having too many different candidates instead of being united under one. This actually would tell you how far seculars were shattered and politically inexperienced.

By the time MB stretched its fist over the country, started their institutionalized cleansing of government entities and media, eliminating their opponents as they exactly did in 1990s in Sudan, Egyptian seculars resorted to the military to do exactly what the MB did in Sudan in 1989- how ironic!. Do two wrongs makes a right?! It is just sad to see Egypt on the brink of civil war because of its incompetent politicians.

I have grown up listening to the religious rhetoric coming out from MB and it became clear to eyes that MB considers Islam as a pick and choose game.  A question that I always ask my fellow Islamists If they would stand with me to defend me before God on the judgment day!.  Moreover, we all know the fact that at the core of Islam religion is economic and social justice.  I wonder if Sudan that has been ruled by MB for more than two decades is actually overflowing with economic and social justice?.

One would expect that the Arab spring would finally unleash democracy in the region, but democracy has not been an easy process anywhere in the world.

It is also worth mentioning that this chaotic situation in many countries in the region will further the gab between MB and people in these countries and as a result, MB would go back to where they came from before the so-called Arab Spring; diaspora or persons!.


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