The world is changing drastically and young people are the source of inspiring change in the world. Atlas Corps Fellowship to me is one of the world most prestigious and highly impact based fellowship that bring global young changemakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs to not only contribute to the nonprofit sector of US but also polish their skills, enhance their capabilities to scale up their work and impact. I strongly believe that ‘the only person who gives you success is you yourself”. While participating in the 4 days Global Leadership Lab Immersion, I was deeply touched by letting me and all fellows go through a very transformational learning about self and developing self for a great success. Each session, every speaker and every day taught us the most basic and important learnings that helped us understand ourselves well, improve ourselves more and scale up our impact.

Young Leaders from across the world – Atlas Corps Fellows, gathered in the Global Leadership Lab Immersion to share, know, learn and transform themselves. For me it was such a great interaction during the activities, sessions on personal and professional development and networking events to make strategies alliance and networking with the inspiring leaders. Study after study demonstrates that the more leaders and organizations can manage and navigate their networks, the more they can achieve their goals. Global Leadership Lab Immersion is a powerful and effective way to equip global leaders with most needed concepts, skills, frameworks and knowledge to be well equipped to change the world and transform the lives of millions of people across the continents.

Some of the highlights of the GLLI are; training workshop on personal branding, emotional intelligence, personality development, and personality assessment survey, knowing the worth of self, believing in self and being visionary. The panelists were so inspiring with a diverse experience and expertise and the panels discussion and guest speakers session were very helpful to reflect on the work we do, the challenge we face and imparting a firm believe in the self that we have changed thousands of lives and will change million lives ahead. The networking event helped us connect with other fellows, in fact, inspiring leaders to listen to their story, know about the work they do, and share our story, and our work to be connected to support each other, and change the world through joint efforts.

For me it was a very transformation journey where I learned from all the speakers, facilitators to keep working one oneself to improve self for more impact, gain more knowledge of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, personality development, believing in self and making networking to scale up of my impact and be well equipped to change the world. It was fun being with fellows after the learning hours. I must appreciate the inspiring work of the team Atlas Corps for bringing and equipping global leaders to be well equipped through such training programs to be the change agents and contribute constructively to the world most pressing issues.