Atlas fellows are serving in different states of U.S. large cities, they need to find the cheapest way to commute home-work and reverse.

All major metropolitan areas have buses, and many locations also have subways, trains and also feature bike paths for cycling commuters. Your commuting choice will probably come down to a combination of time, equipment/fare cost, and distance.

Depending by the distance you can choose to commute by subway, in DC is suggested to register to WMATA SmarTrip with the card.

Some of the fellows will choose to commute by bus, which is more cheaper than the subway but not faster.

Some of them can choose to commute by Uber, Lyft or Via, connect them with your debit card and are so easy to use and sometimes more convenient and cheap than subway. Links bellow to download as mobile application:

Lyft Download: Apple Store ; Google Play.

Uber Download: Apple Store ; Google Play.

Via Download: Apple Store ; Google Play.

Also these applications now offer the opportunity to share the drive with other people, get matched with other riders heading in the same direction and get a cheaper fare.

There are several applications to commute such as  Scoop, Blacklane, Rapid, but the most used are Uber, Lyft and Via. (Via has restrictions not operating in a large zone as Uber and Lyft)

Who chooses to commute by bike there’s no need to go out and buy a $500 bike . A used bike from Craigslist for $50 plus a helmet and a few kneepads from the local bike shop are quite enough.

So whatever means of commute you choose the best one is on foot if the house you rented is near the work.

Atlas fellow life as difficult as beautiful.


Marilo Meta .  #Class28

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