Hola Mi Atlas Corps Familia!

I learned spanish from one of our fellow from Mexico last week with some other fellows and I must say there should be more sessions like this as it was one of the best fellow-to-fellow learning session. Since I’ve been in The States I’ve met with people who speak all sort of different languages, this diversity is one of the many awesome things about this fellowship.

Spanish was something I was trying to learn for a long time and last week and here is how you can introduce yourself in spanish:

Mi Nombre Es Talha. Trabajo En Washington DC En Points of Light y yo Soy de Pakistan.
My Name is Talha. I work in Washington DC at Points of Light. and I am from Pakistan.

For exact attempt in english you’ll read Trabajo as Trawakho and y as e.

He ended the session with this song called “Me Gustas Tu”. Me Gusta means I like so in this song Manu Chao is saying the names of the things he likes like for example:

Me gusta la moto, me gustas tú
I like the bike, I like you

Me gusta correr, me gustas tú
I like to run, I like you

Me gusta la lluvia, me gustas tú
Me gusta volver, me gustas tú
Me gusta marijuana, me gustas tú
I like the rain, I like you
I like to go back,
I like you I like marijuana, I like you


and a very common word “Gracias” which is thank you. and some other short words like “Amor” which means Love. I would like to end it by saying:

Me gustas la Atlas Corps Familia!