If you are in California, Yosemite is a must go-to location. It’s one of the oldest national parks in the country first protected in 1864 as a national park. It’s a refuge for families, friends and even solo travelers. You can enjoy hiking, climbing, cycling or just wander-lusting. Every point of its 1200 squared miles (1930 square km) is unique. From meadows to valleys, mountains to waterfalls, Yosemite is a perfect getaway from the chaos of the city into a world of virgin nature.

  • This chapel was erected in a very unique location where families can enjoy picnics around. Some boys were playing Frisbee with their parents. Nevertheless, the most interesting thing about it is that it is embedded among the trees and looked after by a giant Exposed granite wall from the back.
  • I was expecting to see a black bear, instead I saw a hungry squirrel. In Chicago I see a lot of squirrels around. They are all over the place especially on trees. I always wanted to shot a photo of them, but I would be either going or coming from work without having my camera with me. Last week in Yosemite, I saw this little cutie. These squirrels are called “California Ground Squirrels”, they are grey and spotted with dark circles, also they have a potato shaped body and less fluffy tails than their other peers. Luckily this pal was so hungry yet friendly enough to pose for some photo shoots before it continued indulging the food.
  • My friends and I were coming back from our trip to Yosemite and we were supposed to stay in Mariposa, a town 45 minutes away from the park. We set the directions to our destination and then we found the place. I went to check in at the reception but I told my other friends not to follow me because I felt something weird about the place. Two others came to escort me while carrying their bags ready to rest after a long day driving through the mountains. I gave my name to the receptionist and she was like: I’m not sure that I have your name here. I pulled out the phone and rechecked my confirmation number and it was at another place. The receptionist was nice to ask us where is the other place to lead us to it. Luckily it was the one across the street.

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