Those who know me well, and have been following my posts on the social media platforms, knew that visiting New York City was one of my childhood’s dream that came true this September . As I got older and mature about my choices in life and the goals that I want to achieve in it, I ditched my dream for the pursuit of more attainable things in life . As luck would have it, visiting the US was a dream that came true in May in a nontraditional way.

Being in SF made me very close to achieve one of my current dreams and I am ready to scratch off another place on my bucket list, San Francisco – a city that attracted my attention as a grown up. I wanted to come and visit this city and the state of California to experience it from the eye of an adventurer, aesthete and a photographer. I have done that for myself, and not for anyone else.

San Francisco is just the station that will lift me higher to the place that I have been looking to visit many years ago. I feel so excited as I wasn’t before, and I am happy and content that the places that I used only to see 3 years ago behind the digital screens and through the eyes of others are becoming real in my youth

I took the below photo while I was walking on the piers of SF. This specific pier was very busy with people instead of boats and ships. Families and fishers were having good time catching fish and crabs. I was so surprised how little children were telling me the differences between the crabs types and sex based on their colors and shapes! As I was heading back to continue my tour, the Trans-america building was bisecting the pier to give it symmetrical dimensions.

I finally felt the “Vibes” of San Francisco after walking the Golden Gate Bridge.
The bridge is so majestic and a certain point it felt scary to walk on it. Vehicles were raging and the steel frames vibrated while we were standing by them. Also looking down you see the Bay that’s suspended above a big mouth of water. Nevertheless, remembering the number of people who committed suicide by jumping from it gave us more stress. Anyways, we walked till the first tower of it to watch sunset. We really got the Golden Moment at the Golden Gate. Before crossing the bridge, I took this photo using my friend as a human tripod and controlling the shot from my phone! My hair wasn’t looking good due to the weather conditions, so I had to pretend that I was doing a hair flip it and that’s why I have that grin on my face.

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