Atlas Corps volunteers are essential to the organization for making sure things run smoothly. Today, we would like to talk more about Atlas Corps Group Captains. Our Group Captains facilitate monthly peer coaching groups as part of our new Virtual Leadership Institute, an online learning community for global social change leaders from around the world.

Since launching the Virtual Leadership Institute, 40 leaders became our Group Captains helping Scholars create a productive environment for co-learning, develop leadership projects, and guide discussions about leadership and social impact. Today we talk with Kristina, an excellent Group Captain for the inaugural cohort of the Hilton Humanitarian Prize Laureate Virtual Leadership Institute.

Name: Kristina Shea

Home Country: United States

Current Organization:  Institute of Influential Disruption

Social Issue/Interest Area: Bringing the inner and outer leadership competencies to all people

Fun fact: I have a certified organic farm.


Why did you decide to volunteer for Atlas Corps as a Group Captain?

I was called to nonprofit work at a very young age and have spent most of my career in the international NGO space. I find leadership inner and outer competencies to be vital to all people, but especially those in the nonprofit sector. I’m here to serve the call in any way I can.

How has volunteering with Atlas Corps impacted you?

I loved connecting with the international leaders in mission-driven work. Their compassion, passion, love, and sense of community are inspiring. I also learned about issues that leaders face in different cultural contexts, and found correlations that impact all of us in the leadership world.

What message would you like to send to individuals who are thinking of volunteering with Atlas Corps as a Group Captain?

Please join us—it’s a beautiful community of compassionate, competent, and passionate people with a growth mindset and a mission to make the world a better place.

Hilton Prize Scholar Bikash (India, Org: HelpAge International) reflects on the invaluable impact of Kristina’s leadership, “We had a wonderful peer group with a super coach, Kristina. Many of the staff remarked how supportive she is. Kristina presented the material with expertise, humor, and genuineness. We enjoyed every call. We exchanged our ideas, invested time in networking, shared leadership projects and received and provided feedback. We celebrated unity in diversity under the coaching of Ms. Kristina.”

Hilton Prize Scholar Anna (United States, Org: Clubhouse International) shares her appreciation for Kristina during the Coaching Calls, “The Coaching Calls were a great opportunity to share ideas, learn best practices, and find community with a small group of VLI Scholars. Our Coach, Kristina, was helpful in facilitating conversation within a safe space, and challenging us to think more critically about our activities and leadership project. Kristina focused on increasing self-awareness and being the best versions of ourselves; she was encouraging and supportive on both a personal and professional level. I appreciated Kristina’s thoughtful manner and the personal and professional insight that she shared with our team.”

Thank you, Kristina and our hundreds of volunteers who help achieve the Atlas Corps mission every day. Learn more about becoming a volunteer at

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Photo from Kristina’s personal archive