In this blog we will focus on mobile applications. When developing mobile applications, you need to strategize on the marketing of the app. When marketing mobile applications, ensure that you list the key features of the app.  This will attract your clientele base.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the action of advertising or promoting something. Many people will know/learn about your product if they hear or see something about it through the following mediums; Radio, flyers, email, televisions, social media, word of mouth etc.  Due to marketing interactions people will know about your product. Marketing your product is a strategy to make known what you are selling.

Creating a marketing plan is important

The first step to a successful marketing campaign is to create a marketing plan. A marketing plan is a blueprint or guide map of the different efforts and activities you and your team plan to do to inform people about your product.

There are six (6) main things to consider:

  • Audience

Here you need to ask yourself what your target audience is. To whom is your product targeting? When you have a tech product, your target audience should be able to have devices to access your platform. For example, if it’s a mobile app your target audience should be users with mobile devices that can download your app. Same case if it’s a web application, your audience should be people with access to internet connection and a device. To develop a great marketing plan, you may need to focus on a small set or age group of people for research purposes. Through this research you may get insights on what your target audience should be.

  • Goals and Objectives

Of course, every plan requires goals and objectives. These are things you want to achieve through your marketing plan. Goals help us determine our path. We are aware of the model “SMART” this is a simple way to remember how to set goals.  “SMART” stands for Specific, measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound.

  • Content

Content refers to the writing, photos, videos or recordings that you will create to help promote your product to the users. This is an important step in your marketing plan. It is important to come up with innovative, creative and attractive designs for your marketing campaigns.

  • Strategies and Tactics

A strategy is the plan of action you will take to achieve your goals and objectives. A tactic is the task that you will do as part of the plan.

  • Tracking and Measurement

With tech products it is key to ensure you measure user interaction with your product. There is tech software that is built to specifically measure user interaction and behavior. One search platform is Google analytics.

  • Time and Budget

You need to set aside adequate resources to implement the marketing plan. This is a key part in your marketing effort. You need to come up with a time-frame for the marketing campaign and the budget for the campaign.