by Lara Palmisano

I translate here a dedication that an Italian cyber satiric comedian of my age, Alessio Giannone, wrote on the occasion of the International Women Day.

I share it because I found it very tactful for this video and music cannot explain better what I think about the quiet daily woman’s struggles all over the world.

These struggles are in different contexts and are coped with in very different ways, but are for a mutual reason.

From Italy, with love.

“Today there is one who is celebrating, one who is indignant, one who doesn’t want to commemorate. I dedicate this video to all women; to all women that fight in the street, at home, at work, in the family. To the ones who teach, who bring up children, who live lives of silences or smiles. To those who embrace without asking for anything in return.

To all the women. ” (Alessio Giannone)

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