March 2019 marks 12 months since I have arrived is DC. Its perfect timing to write my last blog, as my letter to future Caroline came in the mail today. It was okay, my handwriting has clearly not improved, but I will say I am 75% happy with what I wrote in that letter to what I accomplished in DC and at the Council on Foundations this year. It was a good reminder of how hard I worked to get here, and many of my thoughts, goals and concerns when arriving. My last few days I am helping with the onboarding of the new Global Manager. I am passing along all my wisdom and knowledge I have obtained the last year. Should take about 5 minutes. JK its three days of different onboarding sessions. I will be sure to promote Atlas Corps and encourage him to take on another fellow when the global program at the Council is ready again.

Putting together a G drive folder for the new manager has also been a good overview of everything I have done the past year and seeing all my work in one place. Here is some of what I have wrote for him so far:

Hi Brian!

Welcome to the Council! I am excited to work with you the next couple days. I have put a bunch of information on the G Drive entitled “Global Philanthropy Program” which contains all you need to know about the council’s global universe. (which we will go through with Natalie the next couple days)

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Country Notes

We have 35 different countries laws and regulations on the website to help foundations with global grantmaking. (It’s the second most visited page!) We have recently expanded 13 of them to include more information. This includes research and reports, how to get started and what members are grantmaking into the country. Check out the website and G drive for all the research + documents. Expanding the 13 countries is kind of a pilot project in hopes it gets a lot of traffic and we can expand more! Global Liaisons Program

2) The Global Liaisons Program

Launched in April of 2016 and we successfully hosted 3 (quarterly) meetings in 2018. A contact sheet for participants is also included in the folder plus examples of past invitations/reminders/agendas. The program brings together partnership’s office staff from US federal agencies and key multi- lateral global institutions.

You will need to work with Vivian to arrange lunch for the meeting(s) which is usually for about 20-25 persons.

3) Leading Together 2019

3) SDG Work

4) Global Partnerships

5) Atlas Corps

I recommend taking on an Atlas Corps Fellow! You can read about it on their website: A fellow from somewhere outside of the US would work alongside with you for a year on the global program.

6) Global Newsletter

The newsletter is due to Natalie every third Thursday on the month, she then submits it to communications to publish every third Friday of the month. This usually includes information about the work of the global team here at the Council- events, webinars, new publications etc; General Council happenings; changing regulations for philanthropy/ civil society that can affect global giving; News and Resources from the field- articles and links to new reports published by others.  You can find examples on the g drive!


8) Mott and Hilton grants

We have global grants from Hilton Foundation and Mott for our global work. Review details on G drive!


You can find the last few years of global webinars links done by the council on a word document on the G drive! There is also a webinar outline form which needs to be submitted to Kelsey beforehand.