Its been 6months since i moved to DC and i must say, life has been good. This experience had thrown so many things at me but i refused to let it break me. Now i feel happier and lighter in my personal and professional life. I have met some amazing people along the way and i feel blessed. Here is a thought my friends as i get back into the habit of blogging, life and its mysteries throw us so many curve balls and you can never know what’s around the corner until it hits you. You can’t always trust your feelings because they don’t always line up with what’s in your head and they can deceive you. Sometimes we say, ‘I got my feelings hurt so I haven’t spoken to my family in over a year’ or ” i can never forgive that person because they did me wrong’. We tie ourselves up in knots with anger and standards and yet all we want is to be loved and to love in return. Get over it! Learn to forgive. Refuse to remain offended. Practice love. If you let feelings rule your life they will mess you up. Feelings are like spoiled children: the more you indulge them the more they will control you. You shouldn’t suppress your feelings or deny them, but you must not be led by them. Peace & Love!

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