We learn history at school and we see movies and though many of us were not even born back those days, we still feel ashamed that the world had to go through something as horrible as the Nazi era. Therefore, it is not easy to digest the fact that not such a long time after the Nazi craziness world still is NOT a better place. I do not care that there are not many Nazis around. There should be none at all. As a fellow in an international program, staying here just for a short time, it is very shocking to see things like Charlottesville happen. Not to mention that this place is not far from DC, where you live.

The existence of extremists and Nazis and white supremacists is per se something that makes you worry, but for me, it is not the biggest concern. My most concern is learning that there are political forces and powerful people in today’s America that through not condemning strongly ¬†enough this event, they are in a way supporting the racists. There will always be crazy or stupid people to believe in violence and hate, but when this hate is officially represented, this makes me sick, in first place and therefore, scared. I come from a problematic country, in order to learn new things that can help in development, growing and civilization and a racist rally and a poor handling of this horror is the last thing I want to face. This is a thing I do not need and I do not want to take back with me home.

A young lady died in Charlottesville and one of the questions many people are asking is: is it worthy to give up your life for this reason, or is it better to avoid certain protests and be safe? But if all of us think that it is better to be safe, who then is going to stop this crazy avalanche of racism, hate and crime? It all of us tolerate and ignore this craziness endlessly, thinking maybe “it is not my job”, then one day, not that far, we can ourselves be a victim of this unreasonable hate. So, if this world is better today, is because of people that risked their life to save Jewish, or lost their life to protest against racism rallies, like Heather Heyes did a few days ago. So we all own them, not only a big “Thank you”, but also to be there next time they organize a LOVE SUPREMACY rally or protest.

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