New PictureI was browsing the internet with my son, Sanim, and I saw the confirmation letter from Atlas Corps in my email. I asked my wife to hold him so that I could check my email. My excited eyes were on the screen but my ears were listening to my wife. She just asked me and insisted I answer her, “What does Atlas Corps mean to you”? I looked back at her and started to think of the best answer which she might like most. After hearing me, she smiled and gave me her silent permission to go ahead.

After reading the email, I was very excited because my dream was going to come true soon. For 7 years my computer password was “Statue of liberty 2015” to keep myself motivated towards my dream. From now on, I would not have to use that password because the door has been opened for me finally!

My excitement suddenly dropped while I was talking with my mother over the phone. She was happy to hear this news but crying thinking that maybe, I would not come back again to see her. I answered her, Atlas Corps will allow me to participate in a good management training program and come back to the country to continue my job here more effectively. Finally, she smiled and prayed for me a lot.

One of my childhood friends asked me if I would be like the boy in a cartoon he sent to me surrounded by a dozen girls in bikinis. I answered him gently, yes friend, this fellowship is an opportunity to enjoy life, just keep in touch.

One of the toughest answers was to convince one of my college teachers. I had to tell him that yes, I have to study a lot to successfully complete my fellowship, and there will be a lot of assignments to do and training materials to read.

After submitting my leave application to my office, the senior officials looked at me and asked me hundreds of questions to answer quickly. I told them, this fellowship definitely will give me the opportunity to learn new strategies, know new ideas and enhance my capacity so that I can contribute a lot professionally when I come back. I was asked by a few sceptics about Atlas Corps and I answered sarcastically, yes; this is just a trip to visit the USA and have some fun and enjoy, that’s it.

I found my organization and team members were more excited than me. They are my friends, soldiers and my source of inspiration. My team can see thousands of achievements through this fellowship. I have promised, yes I will try my best from my heart and soul.

I have met with people from more than 100 countries during my time here in the United States and

have been asked the same question. I just answere them what they expect to hear from me, not what I believe. This is even true for a few Atlas Corps fellows. They have different negetive ideas of Atlas Corps which I did not expect at all.
I was really confused after having all the expressions that have been shown to me. I have spent a lot of time thinking “what does Atlas Corps mean actually!” I have overcome that dilemma by seeing some of my other fellows’ views who have the same belief and deep meaning for this fellowship.

I have been inspired by my Atlas Corps peers and they have helped me to get back the confidence in my own ideas. And yes, I would say, Atlas Corps is nothing but a historic opportunity for me to set a new vision for my life, for the people, planet and peace.

I know each of us have different views and perceptions. Your beliefs and ideas can definitely help others to find a perfect meaning of Atlas Corps. I have chosen the toughest job “writing a blog” to share my views and hear from you too. It might be a good opportunity for our future fellows to see what Atlas Corps really means.

Mizanur Rahman Kiron

Mizanur Rahman Kiron
Fellow, Atlas Corps

Founder & President
Physically-challenged Development Foundation- PDF

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