Hi all, Happy New Year!

If you have chosen a career in nonprofits or social justice like me, you probably have already heard questions like – but do you “work-work-work” or are you “just” a volunteer? or things like, “But do you have a salary?”.

Yes, we do. The nonprofit/social justice/social business/humanitarian sector is much larger and interesting than is known. From the UN, foundations, government, CSR departments, International NGOs, to local NGOs, social business and social startups, there is a diverse pool of jobs in very different types of organizations for those who decide to work for impact. So, if you are starting to look for jobs in this sector, or is already a social impact worker and is looking for a new opportunity in 2020, here is a spreadsheet that might help you with your search. On this sheet, you can find a list of different platforms that gather job postings on the sector, as well as a list of overseas fellowships for Global South talents.

I have started this sheet in 2016 when I decided to take my career to a global level and expand my work reach for beyond my beloved Brazil. It has been a learning journey since then! In the beginning, I didn’t know much about what types of opportunities existed, neither what should be the first steps that would lead me to my dream of working abroad. So, my first action was to research on websites what were the requirements and profiles needed on job descriptions and fellowships that seemed interesting to me. With that, I could have a much better sense of what was missing on my profile, and what was being offered on the market.

Of course, things like networking, mentoring, and delivering real value on your work is needed to land in a dream job, but researching and following the main websites where job positions are posted might help you have a better sense of the field, and discover interesting organizations and job positions (I have discovered Atlas Corps when building this sheet!).

If you want to collaborate with this list, write to me at giana.andonini@gmail.com please 🙂

I hope it helps you, as has helped me on my journey. Good luck, and happy 2020!