I have never imagined myself living with three girls from 3 different countries (Pakistan, Venezuela and Philippines). I can assure you that this is awesome experience because you will be served as a king, oh, sorry, I mean, you have to serve them as princesses, yes, true, I have to take the heavy duty work such as fixing the bulbs, taking the trash out, and sometime cooking.
The funniest party is when my wife asked me about my house mates, I said I am living with 3 guys (boys) from Pakistan, Venezuela and Philippines, so when they want to speak to me and find that I am talking to my wife through skype they make their voices look like men voices Hythem, Hythem, dude Hythem. This was very funny.
Innovation part: since our house is located at Warder Street, we had come up with Warderism theory which is a combination of capitalism and communism, not really  . The idea is; if you want to cook you have to cook for everyone in the house, if you want to do grocery shopping we have to do that together, and if you want to go outside we have to go outside altogether and we have to sleep at the same time and when you wake up you have to wake up everyone and even the cleaning of our house we have to do it together, so, the another name of the theory is together.
Since I am a good singer, I use to sing to them work song every night using my style and Ann and I decided to establish our Wardersim band and we are going to sing only two songs; Hello and Goodbye.
Since Anne is a good chef she cooks for us every day eggs, and Kiran cooks for us vegetable biryani every day because she cannot cook other type of food without Masala (spices) and Gigi is very good in cooking pasta and I cook for them chicken with rice every day, so our menu compose of:
Eggs, vegetable biryani, pasta and chicken with rice this what we have been eating in last three months – hopefully one day we will be able to change our menu.
It is very funny and nice experience living these three girls I mean three boys in the same house. Please don’t share this blog with my wife.


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