It’s been said and proven that it is human nature to fret and worry about what tomorrow holds. We plan well in advance about how we want our lives to turn out, but in all this planning we do not consider Gods plan and purpose in our lives!
A day before Thanksgiving, I was watching and listening to Nick Vujicic (on You Tube) a motivational speaker on how as a kid he had summed up his life as amounting to nothing since he did not have limbs. Listening to him and the challenges he’s overcome to accept himself awed and challenged me on how narrowly I look at and live life. How hard it is for me to smile when going through storms in life.
It’s scary to know how many people think they are worth nothing and how they wish their lives were different. What they would do to get their lives at a place they deem better but all in all as human being we rarely get satisfied with what we have. We always want to amass everything that we consider will make our lives comfortable and happier forgetting that being happy is an attitude that we need to pick and that comfortable is relative.
This thanksgiving I decided to be thankful for the little and big things that are happening in my life. Appreciate family and friends for the difference they bring in my life whether small or big. Dream big and never give up! It time you also started doing that.
I will wade through the storm, and draw as many lessons from them, because that is the only way that I can live life to the fullest.

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