One of the most important tool that enriches our observation of a different culture is to find as much arts and literature as we can so that we can start to dive in the bottom of the iceberg. I am sure each and every one of you know the cultural analogy of tip of the iceberg but I’ll put a small infographics…

Well I know we all know the language very well, even though there are some pop language that we have updated ever since we got here… like the RuPaul’s Drag race quotes or Ms. Universe red carpet jokes and once the holidays are outlined in our calendars I guess we get a sense of the customs of Thanksgiving, Christmas and other wonderful American Holidays, Architecture and Fashion are parts I am not sure I understand very much but the arts part I wanted to learn more… so that I can dive more in to the beliefs, values and assumptions of the culture (still hoping this graphs is an up to date one).

But as for the sake of understanding more of the local culture I’ve found myself in a literary group called the Inner Loop. It was a reading of seven artists from different age groups, races and sexual orientations. It was somewhat an Atlas Corps class yet their way of expression was through the literature that they have created.

The neighborhood was at up and coming Petworth – Georgia Avenue where you can come across Vegan Restaurant, more underground Coffee Shops, second hand book shops and Thrift Stores. In the middle of these was the gathering of Inner Loop literary group at the Colony Club. I invite each and every one of you to check out the events of Inner Literary Loop or when you have the time stop by at Colony Club for a Camomile Tea.

Apart from finding a¬†beautiful place that arts and literature is appreciated the experience itself showed me a way to dive in to the inner wells of the DC History and culture. How… I invite all of you to drop by next month in one of the Inner Loop Literary Groups events so that you can find more about the harmony of different ages, races and sexual orientation was blended all together.

For now cheerio and Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all!

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