Life takes you to unexpected places.

Love brings you home.

The moment I came across this quote it resonated with me on many levels especially in my personal journey to find ‘home’ and it reminded me of the swell of emotions that I felt listening to Power In Our Interconnectedness: Jacqueline Novogratz at TEDxEuston in London a mere few weeks before I commenced my Atlas Corps adventure. The year before I had spent 18 months in my country of heritage, Nigeria confronting the stark realization that whilst I left London as a Nigerian, I had in fact landed in Nigeria as a British.

I went back to Nigeria after over two decades of living, schooling and working in England with this romanticized notion of returning ‘home’ only to find that as the saying goes you can’t go home again instead left with the same question Jacqueline Novogratz asked herself in her TEDxEuston talk  ‘Where do I belong, what is my home?’

Right now my home is Columbia Heights, Washington DC…a urban area that has undergone a redevelopment that reminds me of so many areas of ‘home’ both in London and Lagos. It is a place I continue to fall in love with every time I come across a new quirk or corner rooftop/brunch venue and one that I will fondly miss once my adventure here moves on to the next part of the world that I will be blessed to call ‘home’

The best part of my current adventure is knowing that I belong to a fellowship, who, as Ms. Novogratz so eloquently stated in the video, are a “community of journeyers with me…individuals from around the world who share my values and understand the status quo is no longer an option”

I started this post with so much I wanted to write only to find that its all been said for me so all that is left me to do is repost the link to Jacqueline Novogratz’s inspiring and fantastic TEDxEuston talk Power In Our Interconnectedness whilst many times I have felt also that “I am out of place as I have home from here and the home I’ve brought” I am equally comforted in knowing that my adventure is still unfolding and right now…

I am where I need to be!

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