This is always tough to decide topic to write the blog. It may get fade in my memory so I decided to narrate my recent situation and experience. There are many events that shape our life in different ways. It is very difficult to survive with little money when you are not use to of it. But life creates its own path and shows us various bright aspects to negate and conflict with our own thoughts. Being an Atlas Corps Fellow at my host is bliss.
Many times I thought, why I decided to come for this fellowship and to live on this basic stipend which is hardly enough to meet basic needs which are beyond accommodation, travel and food. I don’t agree with theory of basic needs. This is 21st century and our basic needs should enable us to compete for living in Global village- real digital world especially if you living in United States.
On Wednesday, I made a trip to IMAX theatre in Maryland as I was craving to watch Life of Pi –a very famous biographical novel was out on the screen. I always love to watch biographical films and especially if they are based on true stories. It was one of the best films I have watched in New Year, though it was on 2nd January. 
Film comprises multiple themes and each theme is well connected with our lives. We can relate these themes whenever and wherever we want and want to turn the bright side to help ourselves to come out of chaotic situation. It’s really up to us. I can relate few themes/scenes with my life to help myself to enjoy more in life staying positive. So folks, this how I can link.
Survival is a state of mind – Yes it is. If you think you can survive you can does not matter what kind of circumstances are but if you don’t than you won’t.
Why tolerate darkness? Everything else is here and clear if only we look for it – it depends on us whether we see a glass half full or half empty. We always see things the way we want to. Does not matter how tough our circumstances are, nothing remain same.
Embrace little things with great amount of pleasure – If living on a life boat in Pacific Ocean, pen and writing pad can be the biggest treasure of a human being. Happiness is hidden in little tiny thing, what pleasure is you will know the meaning. You cannot measure pleasure in anyways. Once I found $1 in my bag and I was as happy as it was $ million. A warm hug from you or wishes or an expected likes, comment, or message on Face Book is biggest pleasure.
Change is even not constant – Everything change with the passage of time. Circumstances will change does not matter how tough they are. Seasons change. This shall too pass.
Do share whatever little you have – Try to multiply whatever little you have, don’t divide it. Sharing is caring. This rule does not apply on some conditions and you are better judge of where to divide and multiply. This is OK to have little fun in this a bit philosophical blog: p
And last but not least: it is important in life to conclude things properly. Only then can you let go. – Few lines make your life easy and help you to make a right decision. And this was the right time for this life when it made my decision easy. Yes it is very important to conclude things properly. At this stage when I am expecting a job in Nepal as an International Programme Manager with a very good handsome salary I decide to conclude things properly. I don’t want my heart to remorse. I don’t want to let go myself by saying good bye properly.
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