(This Is a city called Sidi Bousaid In Tunisia, this is the real Oriontale World )  

Well, being a Muslim nowadays is kind of a crime especially here in US. I was supposed to be here few months ago but with the raise of the hatred movement supported by Trump Administration I said to myself that America is a dangerous place for a Muslim like me ( since i am easy to recognize as Middle Eastern, Skinny and Brown with a black hair ). It is funny because we used to say that our countries are a dangerous place for Foreigners and Americans. It seems like there’s no safe place anymore in this world!!!

After what I was seeing on news with the election of D. Trump and the increase of the hate crimes against Muslims and His law to ban Muslims from certain countries to enter US convinced me more that America is not a safe place anymore.

But what happened? America the land of religious freedom, the founding Fathers of freedom of expression of democracy… the Status of liberty, the land of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, William Penn, Roger William, James Madison, P. Henry, G. Washington… I was asking myself how could this land of freedom and liberties going in the wrong direction. This would make the founding father ashamed of this country.

Being in different places in Europe, I faced the real bigotry, discrimination and racism but I didn’t even give it any importance or felt humiliated. Because those countries were based from the beginning on the colonialisms spirit and they see us as citizens from 2nd degree. So, it was not very surprising or new. But I always had this much respect for this American nation. (not the government) With whatever happened against Muslims in Iraq war, Afghanistan war…  since it was just war of interests and who can dominate more on the economic resources and it had nothing to do with religion.

I always had that appreciation for the American nation, as a nation of tolerance and acceptance and love. What disappoint me then?

I never thought that this nation will vote for the bigotry, for the discrimination. Never thought this nation will say yes to discrimination based on race, color and religion. Are those the values of the American founding fathers? Is it voting for Trump is the beginning? I am really as Fox News says An Islamic Terrorist?

I want to tell everyone in America, about my life story as a Muslim. I was born in a very modest Muslim family believe in God. We have a very normal life. We wake up in the morning and we go to schools just like you guys, our parents works all the times and we are not able to see them only in the weekends ( Just like you guys ) we had a very nice childhood with our cousins and friends ( Just like you guys ) we went to the beach in summer and we have parties at home ( just like you guys) we grow up and we hold all the good values from our parents of Honesty, Modesty, love, acceptance, forgiveness, Helping others, smiling to strangers… (Just like you) and we went to university and we had a lot of fun that time (it’s always like you guys)…

We are Humans and we are very similar to you, we are not Different. The religion had a positive impact in our lives and taught us all the good behaviors and respect. Our Religion never taught us to hate you or to discriminate against you (exactly like all religions) and 99% of my people are very modest, simple, humble, tolerant…

What you see in the television is not correct, we are doing our best to progress to learn from our mistakes, to think globally, to adapt ourselves with the changes of the new world. Well, that was even mentioned in our religion. Our religion was never a source of destruction, extremism or radicalization.

Islam is a way of life and a way of thinking. It’s my source of inspiration and happiness. What they say in mainstream media has nothing to do with the reality of the Muslims lives. We are just a normal people seeking for peace and coexistence.  Just take us like that and never believe all what dirty politicians trying to make you believe, they are just using you for their campaigns.

We never accuse anyone of being cruel or bad only after investigating. Just investigate in our civilization, in our religion. Go and travel to our countries, taste the amazing food, smell the perfume of the oriental life. Eat KEBAB, try KENAFA…, read about our History the Romans, the Islamic History, the Andalusian History… read about our historical leaders, men and women Ulysses, Hannibal, Our Prophet Mohamed…  those amazing things represent me and make me proud of being a Muslim.

I am not saying that there’s no extremism under the name of the religion, but always extremist has a motivation to justify his brutality. But for sure I, as a Muslim, I never was taught to accuse also other religions of extremism because someone decided to use religion to kill innocents.

Religions had all the same goal, is to organize our lives and make from us more civilized and more Humans.

We are all Humans after all, don’t let anyone make you believe anything else. Muslim, Christian, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists… we all feel sad and we all feel happy. Please share my letter with your American neighbors, your friends, your families… tell them that the first thing we say when we meet a new person is PEACE. We always came in peace and we don’t look for anything except peace.



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