Over the next 72 hours, the year 2011 has to pull the bow to make room for the year 2012. As the saying: “A year goes, another comes, and it is life that growing up.” The New Years, we always wish better, different. We hope very sincerely that they will be. I leave you the pleasure or displeasure to take stock of 2011. Whatever you conclude, the promise to yourself, to your friends, your community, your country, will be with no doubt, may 2012 be better! In this case, you have no choice than to work there. Life is not worth the trouble of living, if we do not live it like a dream. The dreams of one can be different from another, however if everyone comes to make joint efforts with determination towards achieving the desired ideal, I would like to reassure me that human being will live in a better world from this upcoming New Year. Are you a social, economic, or political leader? What is your dream for the New Year or what contribution would you make in building a better world? – Well, if you have never thought, it is high time to get to the spot, for prosperous life begins with a dream and our most precious sense is the vision of the mind. Take a minute and let us think about these three examples:

• Years ago, Atlas Corps has been the dream and the thought of a single individual, Scott Beale. From 2006 (year of it was founded) to 2011, Atlas Corps is a large international network of nonprofit leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s 21st century challenges. This organization has already brought to the US, Mexico and Columbia 100 of nonprofit leaders from 30 countries to serve as fellows/volunteer within many NGOs/INGOs; and I am proud to be a fellow this year.

• Rex Maughan founded in 1978 Forever Living. With a healthy dose of dreams and hard work, it is today a multibillion-dollar company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. With more than nine and a half million distributors in over 150 countries, Forever Living offers a unique opportunity to live healthier and more prosperous.

• In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King did not pull any punches. He faced the most brutal facts of his current reality while referring to Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation. The “I Have a Dream” speech came at a critical point in the civil rights movement. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is truly a legend. He fought for the welfare of black Americans, but more than that, he displayed courage and extraordinary leadership in the face of adversity. Thanks to his investment against social discrimination, justice and human rights, not only every American citizens, black or white, is proud for not being judge by the color of their skin and the content of their character, but also every potential citizen in the world is happy for this way he has traced.

Are you a Social Entrepreneur, a Business Person, a Community Leader, a Politician or else? What have been your accomplishments for this year? How can you evaluate your success or failure this year? If your balance sheet of your accomplishments for the year 2011 has been successful: “Congratulations” and make sure you continue to further progress! If difficulties have discouraged you to the point of not wanting to start over, I want you to take the time to meditate on this famous quote of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic, “I always had to fight. Nothing was easy, nothing was given to me, and I have never been opened the door. I have always had to force the door. I took some habits, life is a fight and I live tight up, I did not sleep. ”

Happy New Year 2012 to you dear readers! Wish you all the very best.

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