Final_poster_of_the_2013_documentary_film_entitled_Jerusalem What is it about Jerusalem that makes it a much contested ground between Christians, Muslims and Jewish? Is it the theological history behind the city? Is it the bustling economy that thrives within its walls? Is it the hodgepodge of multicultural traditions and stark modernity?

National Geographic documentary “Jerusalem” attempts to answer all that by looking through the eyes of three young Jerusalemite women and their families – Christian, Muslim and Jewish.  The intrepid trio vividly shares individual stories from their respective lives and together, these weave an air of mystery as to why the three communities, despite their obvious differences in religious beliefs and practices, are indeed very much alike in ideals and aspirations.  Understanding is nurtured and strengthened from these shared experiences, giving hope to build bridges among the city’s layers of cultural, ethnic, religious, national and generational communities.

A stunning piece of cinematic experience, Jerusalem is as poignant as the day-to-day realities of people living in the Holy Land.  Its moving narration, kaleidoscopic imagery and beautiful research by historians and archaeologists, combine to make this film an enigmatic pilgrimage to find inner peace in one’s soul.  May the true essence of Jerusalem bring us closer to a journey toward wholeness, which never ends. May our age-old bigotries transform into open-mindedness and may our obstinate prides turn into compassionate sensibilities.  Let love be.

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