It is amazing opportunity for you to learn how to say hello, good morning/evening to your fellows in more than twenty seven languages.  Atlas Service Corps,Inc makes it a diverse linguistic context in which fellows from more than twenty seven countries meet in one training hall in Washington DC. As I always interested in cultural diversity as well as learning other languages,today, I achieved part of it by learning how to great people from these countries.  The Atlas Corps fellowship is more than nonprofit leadership opportunity to me. It is true that we can communicate in English language but it is so interesting to others to hear you using their own languages. I invite everyone interested to go through the following:

No Country/Community Group Equivalent word Remarks
1 Sudan Alsalamu Aleikum  
Sabah Elkheir In the morning
Saba Elnour In the evening
2 Egypt Alsalamu Aleikum  
3 Afghanistan Salamu Aleikum  
4 India Namaste  


South Korea Annyoung Formal
Ha Se Yo Informal
6 Jamaica Whaa gwaan  
7 Pakistan Salamu Aleikum  
8 Colombia Ola  
9 Brazil Oi  
10 Ethiopia/Amharic Endeminachu Selom  
11 South Sudan/Keliko Ingoni  
South Sudan/Denka Moni  
South Sudan/Bari Bon Da  
12 Bulgaria Zdravei  
13 Rwanda Muraho  
15 Kenya/Swahili Jambo  
16 Uganda/Luganda Olyotya  
17 Panama Ola  


Russia Privet Informal
Zdravstvujte Formal
Zdorovo Used only among men
19 Armenia Barev  
20 Palastine Alsalamu Aleikum  
21 Azerbaijan Akhshaminiz Kheir  
22 Nigeria/Yoruba Bawo ni  
23 Nepal Namaskar  
24 El Salvador Ola  
25 Bangladesh Shuro Shakal At morning
Shuro Bikal Afternoon
26 Malawi Loi eedi  
27 Mexico Ola  

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