Leading movements was the main theme of the May, 2018 Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab. Having listened to all the guest speakers, the main take away lessons were leading a movement that impacts the community and sustaining the movement. Being bold to make the decision to begin, learning throughout the process and following a systematic process of project planning, implementation and tracking impact to ensure sustainability, in addition to “sound/ good” leadership, are key in leading movements.
To add to the theme of leading movements, it has been advised by many leaders that one needs to establish purpose in their vision of improving their lives and those of others, yet most importantly, seek happiness. Benjamin Disraeli once quoted that, “while action might not always bring happiness, there is no happiness without action.” Einstein said that, “doing is the great thing, for if people do the right thing in time, they come to like doing it.” Del Carnegie further quoted that, “if you want to be enthusiastic, you have to act enthusiastic.” “Attitude is caused by action- we don’t sing because we are happy, we are happy because we sing,” William James.
This has been a resounding lesson for me and I am sure many other fellows. We have to begin planning ahead and prepare to take action upon return to our countries. Activity/ action will not only bring the reward/ recognition but will also bring happiness. Attitude is caused by action. Doing something that makes a difference can bring about a sense of self-worth, self-satisfaction and happiness can be found no other way.
If happiness is what you seek, do something that makes you happy and lead a movement. Mary Morrisey adds that, “only those of you who find something in your day to do for someone else are the only ones who will be truly happy.”
I will end with a question, how will giving to your community and leading a movement, help you fulfil your purpose and find happiness?

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