What pivotal position does the virtual space holds in our community?

Change is constant, it comes in different kind of shapes, formats and circumstances. Leadership should be dynamic and adaptive. Leaders, do not afford chance to give you a surprise. Prepare adequately towards the rhythm of change, because change is inevitable!!

It does not matter the type of sector you find yourself, be it formal or informal, be sure to realize that change is constantly pushing communities away from their comfort zones. Should I emphasize here that “the virtual space is an electronic reality of change which has enhanced convergence of communities”. When the internet started as an intranet which was called the ARPANET, it seems like nobody’s concern because it was meant for research purposes among certain universities in the US and later for defense purposes by the Department of Defence (DOD). However, change has made it to be everybody’s concern.

The virtual space in this 21st century has proven it transformable paradigm for most organisations and individuals like myself. Over four years now, I had being utilizing this space for some technical purposes such as coordinating remote meetings with regional and technical staff, exchanging email correspondence among colleagues, families and friends. I wouldn’t have predicted that there would come a time where it would be pivotal to our communities and official developments. COVID-19 certainly has given a pivotal role to this space in nearly every continents within our planet.

How can the virtual space be useful in our communities?

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak certainly ushered into this universe a new reality in which people, governments and organisation are left with little options than to embrace the virtual space. This space has given leaders creative platforms for leadership that must be utilize effectively.

This space is proven effective for managing critical situations in our global community. Leaders are hereby encourage to take ownership and show some sense of responsibilities in harnessing this platform for a greater impact on the general masses in our society.

The space has being proven to be essential for critical sectors of society including governance, education, health , social protection, community relations, public awareness, disaster preparedness and response and institutional mobilizations. Your leadership can influence people using the virtual space.

Virtual Tools

There are plethora of virtual tools that are available to be used. Many of these tools could be free of cost while others may carry financial cost. They could be utilized by individuals, groups, public institutions or private organisations to organize the following:

  1. Conference
  2. Meeting
  3. Webinar
  4. Direct Service
  5. Collaborative space
  6. Social Networking
  7. Workshop, Training or Course
  8. Campaign