Every where people crave for you, what is it that is new about you?
Apparently nothing much, your supply is fixed.
But we keep increasing in number, have mercy on us as we live by your support.
The rich, poor,foreign, domestic are all bound by your presence.

What is this new wave all about as millions of hectares find their way to ‘new money’?
Where is food security,ancestry,belonging, development heading to?
You are a necessary evil in development as you provide collateral and space for most developments on planet earth.
You make the laws of different lands get threats as the stronger oppress the poor to exploit you.
In Asia, Latin America, Africa, the cries of your limited supply are loud and clear.
But the world order leads us to evictions, conflict, hatred,poverty, oppression to mention a few.
Governments of the day, humanitarians, analysts,development partners, land is fixed, rise up to safeguard the greater world population in the twisted development drive.

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